The Canadian Government is two faced on tuna

Atlantic bluefin tuna is being reviewed for endangered species listing in Canada.

At the same time, Canada has been advocating to catch more tuna.


We want Canada to maintain current catch limits at the 2014 ICCAT meeting.

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  • Tuna Are Something Bigger Than The Space They Occupy

    Paul Greenberg | Journalist and Author
  • It [The Bluefin tuna] is the most perfect animal – The Ferrari of the sea

    Daniel Pauly
  • Bluefin today are in the single-digit percentages of their former numbers

    Carl Safina
  • From the period when non-profits began listing bluefin in their various ‘do not eat’ columns, global consumption of bluefin has only increased…

    Paul Greenberg
  • Failing to act in a precautionary manner will continue to put bluefin tuna at risk.

    Scott Wallace | David Suzuki Foundation
  • For the tuna, life would have been easier, perhaps even possible, if it were listed as endangered

    Carl Safina
  • Western Bluefin are incredibly depleted in Canada, they are up for endangered species listing. They are at an all time historic low.

    Susanna Fuller | Ecology Action Centre
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